We’d like to introduce our ragtag group of hospitalitarians. Each comes armed with a very different skill set, background, and fashion sense. They have been assembled for one reason — to satisfy your belly and the bellies of your guests.

  • Matt Kershaw
    Matt Kershaw

    Matt is one of those chefs that travelled the world and worked in fancy kitchens everywhere so he can brag about his training — but at the same time loves to eat McDonalds and Kraft Dinner with hot dogs cut up in it. 

  • Erin Dunham
    Erin Dunham

    Erin likes to exist on extreme points of the spectrum. She truly appreciates a 1976 Tignanello and a good cigar but the night will often end with a cold Bud Light and popcorn.

  • Scott Carrothers
    Scott Carrothers

    We didn’t want to give Chef Scott Carrothers the opportunity to be in the book because he already thinks he is better than all of us. But, he knows a lot. And it is only appropriate that he should share his culinary professor-ness to help boost your own kitchen credentials.

  • Jay Baggett
    Jay Baggett

    A man of few words. Almost no words at all, actually. He looks you in the eye with a nod to get your drink order and does basically the same thing to make sure you like it. In fact, have we ever had a full conversation with him? Hard to say, in retrospect.

  • Ofelia Clarke
    Ofelia Clarke

    Ofelia is a rare breed — a creative powerhouse in the kitchen, while also being the actual sweetest. (It’s a little much.) And despite her lovely demeanor, she demands respect as a chef.

  • Dave Fauteux
    Dave Fauteux

    The man. The myth. The legend. Handsome Dave, as he is called locally, is a bundle of charm, muscle, and talent. Dave doesn’t trust a sober bartender much like we don’t trust a skinny chef.

  • Matt Johnny
    Matt Johnny

    What can we say about Matt Johnny? So organized. Plates beautifully. Calm demeanor. This guy is influenced by southern cooking and over-explanation — a combination that is clearly reflected in his recipes.

  • Harrison Lee
    Harrison Lee

    Some may consider this man’s polished palate to be pretentious. We don’t. To be clear, we consider him pretentious as a person, but we have high regard for his cocktail creations and his ability to combine interesting flavours.